A Legacy of Dance


Mission & Philosophy

Chattanooga Ballet serves through the power of dance.

At the heart of all that we do we are asking Who? Where? How? and What? are we serving. With this philosophy we are searching for people to introduce to and share this art form with. We are looking for places where professional in-person ballet is not currently present, both in our community and in our region. We examine and refine our delivery, training and presentation of the art form in order to make it accessible and inspiring. We ensure our motivation is putting the needs of our audiences, students and community before our own aspirations.

In our efforts we look to overcome geographical, economic and societal barriers through touring, scholarship or sponsored classes and by providing an inclusive atmosphere where every student is trained to their greatest potential. We believe a life lived with dance is a life well lived.

Chattanooga Ballet (CHA Ballet) is the only professional ballet company in Chattanooga. The company works with highly recognized choreographers from around the country to present a repertoire that includes works from classical to contemporary and modern genres. In addition to the regular seasons here in Chattanooga the company proudly represents the city touring throughout the southeast region. The company is a dream caster, showing what is possible for the athlete and the artist.


In keeping with our mission to serve through the power of dance we continually seek to answer the questions of who, where, what and how we may best serve the student, family, community, employee, stakeholders, partners, and art form. As part of this mission, we strive to ensure this power has no limitation in its scope and that it is accessible to all, regardless of ethnicity, race, creed, color, gender, or sexual orientation.

We are dream casters and agents of change within our community through the art we create, the students we train, and the lives we touch. CHA Ballet is dedicated to making choices that demonstrate a heart turned toward diverse relationships, equitable opportunities, and an inclusive culture.


Here To Serve

Ryland Acree

Director of School & Education
Ryland Acree III is a dedicated teacher, choreographer, and international performing artist with a deep passion for integrating the arts into daily life. Originally from Floyd, Virginia, Ryland began his dance education at the age of nine, going on to train with instructors such as Peter Boal, Olivier Muñoz, Le Yin, Alexei Kremnev, Michele Plescia, and Sandra Meythaler. His early dedication and talent earned him full scholarships to attend summer intensives at prestigious institutions including Boston Ballet, Orlando Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, Texas Ballet Theater, and Pacific Northwest Ballet, where he graduated from the Professional Division. Throughout his career, Ryland has performed with companies such as the Oklahoma City Ballet, Alberta Ballet, and Ballet San Antonio. His repertoire includes works by renowned choreographers such as Gerald Arpino, Septime Webre, Edwaard Liang, Jessica Lang, Jean-Christophe Maillot, Stephen Mills, Bruce Wells, Ryan Jolicoeur-Nye, Brian Enos, Val Caniparoli, Twyla Tharp, and George Balanchine. Beyond his career in dance, Ryland has explored various artistic avenues, including music and fine woodworking. Additionally, he has showcased his versatile talent in professional theatre, completing contracts with The Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Barter Theater, and San Pedro Playhouse. As a choreographer, he has created new works for three professional ballet companies in addition to crafting pieces for fundraising events, competition solos, and ensembles. He was invited to compete in the prestigious XII USA International Ballet Competition. Ryland's passion for education was ignited during his participation in the S.T.E.P.S. outreach program at Orlando Ballet under the guidance of Olivier Muñoz and Gonzalo Espinoza. While a student at Pacific Northwest Ballet, he served as a teaching assistant for the Dance Chance men's division class under Kiyon Gaines. He later went on to teach for the School of Ballet San Antonio and Oklahoma City Ballet's Yvonne Chouteau School. With his extensive background in both performance and education, Ryland Acree III brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to fostering the next generation of dancers as the Director of School and Education. He is honored to share his expertise and love for dance, inspiring students to embrace the transformative power of the arts in their lives.
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Board of Directors

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